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Classified Series 22/23- Professionalism 9:00am 10/25/22 is a Course

Classified Series 22/23- Professionalism 9:00am 10/25/22

Jul 11, 2022 - Nov 18, 2022


Full course description

Professionalism isn’t just about doing a good job and exhibiting a stellar work ethic. Workplace professionalism is a mindset.  It’s the persona you put out to the world and into your work for others to see. In this sixty minute class we will discuss the importance of professionalism and what it means to us.  As we cover the Professionalism Evaluation Competency we will target the key topics of behavior, attitude and integrity.

 Target Audience

  • Classified Staff


Timeline Overview

  • 10/25/2022
  • 9:00-10:00 am
  • Zoom
     (Links to an external site.)
  • Instructor: Jackie Feely

Please email Jackie Feely at with any questions. 



 Participants will: 

  • Identify the key components of the Professionalism Evaluation Competency
  • Explore the impact of behavior, attitude and integrity
  • Develop strategies to enhance professionalism in the workplace

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