Benchmark Workshop Trainer of Trainers for Launch Spring 2023

Ended Mar 31, 2023

Full course description

Course Description

  • This training will focus on investigating the instructional design of Launching Benchmark Workshop. The participants will review the instructional components and supports that help teachers implement Benchmark Workshop resources in their classrooms. Participants will leave with a slide presentation to take back and use at their school.
  • Lead Learner (Facilitator): Kristie Krier
  • Credit(s) and Type: 3 Hours Relicensure


Target Audience

  • Benchmark Workshop Admin/Pro-Tech, Certified Staff
  • Open to Substitute Teachers = Not at this time
  • Open to Student Teachers = Not at this time
  • Open to Charter School Staff = Yes 
    • Charter Certified


Date, Time, and Location


Course Outcomes

Here are the outcomes for the course:

  • Investigate the instructional design of Benchmark Advance’s Routines
  • Review instructional components & supports that help as teachers implement resources in the classroom