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PCE/BCE: ELD Supports in Curricular Resources | STEMScopes | 5.09A 5.10A 5.12A

Ended Apr 19, 2021

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Full course description

Course Description

  • The purpose of this class is to explore curricular resources and examine existing supports that enhance aligned, accessible, high-quality instruction for multilingual learners.
  • Facilitators:  Becky Corr, Jeff Mlsna, Tammy Melanson, Angela Tucker, Megan Bruce

Timeline Overview

  • Start date of course content: Feb. 12th  
  • End date of course content: April 19th 
    • Note: It is recommended that this class runs over a 1 month time period with the following components (Note: 7 hours of credit):
      • 2-hour synchronous kick-off. (2.1)
      • 1-hour asynchronous work time on Task 1. (2.1)
      • 1-hour synchronous reflection and set-up for Task 2. (3.1)
      • 2-hour asynchronous work time on Task 2. (3.1)
      • 1-hour asynchronous or synchronous celebration. (4.1)


Target Audience

  • Elementary classroom teachers who teach science.



  • Participants will have a stronger understanding of the supports available within STEMScopes to support their ELs. 
  • Participants will complete the WIDA Can Do Activity and collaborate on how they will meet the needs of their ELs.
  • Participants will develop a quality STEMScopes-based unit plan that is standards-based and supports the needs of ELs.