Creativity for the Gifted Learner: Spring 2022

Ended Mar 22, 2022

Full course description

Course Description

  • In this course, you will be introduced to specific information, research, strategies, and models for developing and/or enhancing creativity in students. We will seek to answer the following question:
    • How do teachers design instruction for gifted students that provide opportunities to develop their creativity? 
  • Course Facilitator: Michelle Oslick
  • Credit(s) and Type: 9 Hours Relicensure


Target Audience

  • This course is designed for teachers, gifted education facilitators, administrators, and any educator who wishes to better understand how to meet the needs of gifted learners.
  • Open to Substitute Teachers = Yes 
  • Open to Student Teachers = Yes
  • Open to Charter School Teachers = Yes


Timeline Overview

  1. Start date of course content:  Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 
    1. In person session - 1 hour
  2. End date of course content: Tuesday, March 22, 2022
    1. In person session - 2 hours

This course is blended with an initial in person session (1 hour), self paced content that is to be completed between the first and second in person session (approximately 6 hours), and a final in person session (2 hours).



Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the characteristics of creative people.
  2. Nurture creativity in the classroom through activities and final products/projects.
  3. Provide students with opportunities to create projects/and or products in order to demonstrate creativity at an advanced level.