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DCSD Making Connections 2022

Ended Mar 11, 2022

Full course description

Event Description

  • The day's learning will bring understanding and awareness to all stakeholders that educating our youth requires aligned and connected explicit work in academics, mental health, health and wellness, behavior, and family school community partnering.

  • Virtual sessions will run throughout the day on February 18th PD Day on exploring the interconnectedness of Social Emotional Learning, Equity/Diversity/Inclusion, Restorative Practices, and Trauma Responsive Practices.  The day will be split into a morning and afternoon session.  The morning session will include a keynote speaker and many 2 hour workshop sessions.  After lunch there will be another, different, keynote speaker and the same 2 hour sessions from the morning session.  In the late afternoon/evening there will be an event for our community.

    • The keynote speakers will be live streamed.

    • Due to current circumstances, this event will now be virtual. Please see sched (step 1) for Zoom and Google Meet links (COMING SOON)

    • This event will start at 8:30 am on February 18, 2022.

Date, Time & Location

February 18th

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February 18th

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