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MS: Educational Impact: Classroom 180 Track For Middle School Only

Started Nov 12, 2021

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Full program description

Description: For MS only. Classroom180 is a ground-breaking framework that answers the essential question, what is a trauma-informed classroom? What does it look like and most importantly, what does it feel like to be a student in a responsive classroom? Through extensive research, field study and personal experiences, Heather Forbes has created a comprehensive set of components and criteria to help schools create, sustain and assess trauma-informed classrooms. 

It is organized into 6 courses with 5 domains an: 

  1. An Introduction to the Classroom180 Framework
  2. Relationships and Family Culture
  3. Regulation
  4. Language of Trauma
  5. Safety
  6. Discipline and Empowerment

Enroll in this program to unlock all 6 courses. View Track and Courses Outline Here

Audience: Certified and Classfied Middle School Staff 

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