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21-22 Medication Administration Training K-12 staff

Ended May 27, 2022

Full course description

Course Description

  • Children in schools, camps, child care and other community settings may need to receive prescribed, over-the-counter and emergency medications. Teachers, assistant teachers, administrative staff, early childhood professionals and other personnel may need to administer these medications. This course is for all unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) who will be responsible for administering medications.
  • Lead Learner (Facilitator): Kelly Driver
  • Credit(s) and Type: 4 Hours Staff Development


Target Audience

  • Certified Staff, Classified Staff K-12
  • Open to Charter School Staff = Yes
    • Charter Certified and Classified


Timeline Overview

  • Start date of course content: September 1, 2021
  • End date of course content: May 27, 2022
  • This course is self-paced and open all school year. Transcripts for completion will be uploaded at the end of the semester.


Course Outcomes

By the end of this class, learners will be able to


  • Recognize their responsibility in the process of managing and safely and accurately administering medications to infants and children
  • Identify common forms and classifications of medications, their purpose and expected results
  • Identify the process of properly accepting, documenting, storing and disposing of medications
  • List the procedures for administering oral and topical medications, including eye, ear, and nose drops or sprays, and inhaled medications and auto-injected epinephrine
  • Recognize medication incidents and errors and the steps to take in emergency situations
  • Identify the common causes and symptoms for asthma episodes and severe allergic reactions
  • Identify specific interventions required for individualized health care plans for children with asthma or allergies