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2022-2023 Non-Student Transport Training

Ended Jun 16, 2023

Full course description

This Transportation Department class is for the RENEWAL/ INITIAL of any DCSD employee who is already certified to operate a District-owned Small Vehicle (suburban, truck, etc..). With this class, you may not transport any DCSD students for any reason.
  • Along with the link to this course, you were sent the forms listed below. You will need to have them signed to upload them into this course where requested.  You will also need a copy of your driver's license. 

If for any reason you do not have the forms listed, please contact the Training Department at :

You will not receive credit for this course until all requirements are met:

  • All forms have been signed and uploaded in the form provided in this class
  • You have received a grade of 100% on the quiz within this course.


Course Availability

  • 6/10/22 - 6/16/23