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24-25 ECE and BASE Building and Physical Premises Safety & Storage of Hazardous Materials and Bio-Contaminants

Jul 1, 2024 - Jun 20, 2025


Full course description

Course Description

  • This module is designed to provide a baseline knowledge on the district's hazardous materials program including safety data sheets, storage, and disposal.


Target Audience

  • ECE & BASE Staff


Timeline Overview

  • Start date of course content: July 1, 2024
  • End date of course content: June 20, 2025



In order to complete this module please accomplish the following tasks:

1. Work through the content pages and complete the tasks assigned 

2. Take the Post Assessment Quiz and get a 100% score

3. Complete the onsite walk through in Module 3

4. Complete the Course Completion and feedback


Please contact Vanessa Hoffman at with any questions


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