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Be Proactive for Positive Results 1:00-2:00pm is a Course

Be Proactive for Positive Results 1:00-2:00pm

Ended Feb 20, 2023

Full course description

Course Description

  • Your life doesn't just "happen." Whether you know it or not, it is carefully designed by you. The choices are yours. Every moment, every situation, provides a new choice. Giving you a perfect opportunity to do things differently to produce more positive results

    In this one hour class we will examine what it means to be proactive vs. reactive with skills to move forward in our journey of proactive behavior.

    This course will explore:
    • Pausing before responding in a stressful situation
    • Using proactive language to focus on solutions
    • How to work through challenges to determine what is in your influence


Target Audience

  • Classified Staff


Timeline Overview