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23-24 AWE PLCs

Ended May 24, 2024

Full course description

Course Description

Arrowwood is a PLC: A school-wide system of teacher teams that collaborate on issues of instruction, assessment, and other school topics with the goal of improving student learning. 


In our PLC work, we will address the 4 PLC questions:

  1. What do we expect students to learn?
  2. How will we know they have learned?
  3. What will we do if they haven't learned it?
  4. How will we do to extend their learning if they already know it?

Our ongoing professional development will help us to operate as an effective PLC:

  1. Focus on Learning
  2. Collaborative Culture With a Focus on Learning for All
  3. Collective Inquiry into Best Practice and Current Reality
  4. Action Orientation
  5. Commitment to Continuous Improvement
  6. Results Orientation


Target Audience

  • Certified Staff


Timeline Overview

  • Start date of course content: August 1, 2023
  • End date of course content: May 23, 2024




  • Understand and implement best practices in literacy and math instruction.
  • Analyze student engagement and performance, reflect upon instructional practices and learning opportunities, and refine teaching practices.
  • Improve PLT work in addressing the 4 PLC Questions considering all content areas and students' unique needs.