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RCHS Best Practices in e-Learning

Ended Jun 4, 2021

Full course description

For RCHS STAFF ONLY - E-Learning is a broad term that covers a variety of instructional delivery models, including hybrid/blended, flipped, and full remote online instruction. Whatever the delivery model, though, there are some common pedagogical "best practices" that will help you improve the learning experience for everyone. This course will explore how these best practices lead to increased student engagement and learning.


Navigating This Course

This is an asynchronous, perpetual course designed to explore best practices in e-learning based on the Teaching and Learning Cycle and provide opportunities for reflection and application to your own courses. Each module includes:

    1. A guiding question with a brief reading to prompt thinking.
    2. A "closer look" at two supporting concepts through articles or topic explorations.
    3. Canvas tools to help you utilize your LMS to support effective instruction.
    4. Additional models and tools to consider.
    5. Links to RCHS resources to support you.
    6. An opportunity to process and reflect on the content presented (required for credit).
    7. An opportunity to discuss the content with your colleagues (required for credit).
    8. An opportunity to put learning into useful practice for your classroom (required for credit).

To receive credit for the course, first complete the E-Learning Best Practices review and discussion (Module 1). From there you can choose to:

  • Do nothing, simply keep the course as a reference collection of resources to access when you need them.
  • Complete individual modules at your own pace for 2 hours of credit (see tasks to complete below) either independently or with a department group/PLC/district colleague.
  • Complete the entire course at your own pace for credit (complete all tasks for the maximum of 7 credit hours). 


Tasks to Complete for Credit

Please enroll in course to view. Thanks!