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RCHS Significant 72 Book Study Spring 2024

Ended May 10, 2024

Full course description

  • Significant 72: Unleashing the Power of Relationships in Today's Schools is grounded in John Hattie's research that found teacher-student relationships have an effect size of .72, meaning strong teacher-student relationships lead to almost two years of student growth in one year's time. Through the book, Wolcott helps educators understand the importance of relationships within learning, and provides practical tools to make it happen.
  • Our goals: to fulfill our shared responsibility to meet the needs of each and every student at RCHS by understanding the power of positive relationships and their effects on student growth. 
  • Credit: Maximum 12 hours relicensure credit
  • Facilitator/Lead Learner: Bryan Winkelman


Target Audience

  • RCHS certified staff


  • Participants will realize the crucial role the teacher-student relationship plays in challenging students to move outside their comfort zones and achieve at high levels. 
  • Participants will gain a framework for developing connections with and between students that fosters an environment of trust and acceptance.
  • Participants will learn techniques to identify students in need of relationships and strategies to help them succeed socially, emotionally, and academically