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RCHS The New Classroom Instruction That Works Fall 2023

Ended Dec 8, 2023

Full course description

The New Classroom Instruction That Works

  • In 2001, Robert J. Marzano's Classroom Instruction That Works book inspired millions of educators to refine their approach to teaching. This all-new third edition, built on a more rigorous research base and updated to emphasize student diversity, equity, and inclusion, offers a streamlined focus on the 14 instructional strategies proven to promote deep, meaningful, and lasting learning. These strategies—all of which are effective and complementary—are presented within a framework geared toward instructional planning and aligned with how the brain learns. For each strategy, you'll get the key research findings, the important principles of classroom practice, and recommended approaches for using the strategy with today's learners.

  • Our goal: RCHS teachers will develop an understanding of how effective teaching boosts student achievement and a clearer idea of what to do, when to do it, and why.
  • This book addresses DCSD Strategic PlanLinks to an external site. Theme #4: Aligned curriculum with flexible instructional delivery Objective 2: Create district-wide aligned instructional frameworks to implement data-informed, flexible instructional practices (including enabling systems).
  • Facilitator/Lead Learner: Bryan Winkelman
  • Relicensure Hours: Maximum of 15 (reading responses and extension activities)


Target Audience

  • RCHS faculty and staff