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New Leader Academy 2024

Jul 1, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Description

  • This course will define the DCSD Leadership Journey & Leadership Impact across our regions and district.
  • This course will delve into how and why you lead.
  • This course will explore some important facets of the impact of your leadership within your building and within your new role.
  • This course will highlight the direction of our district, including an overview of the district strategic plan, our core commitments and our BOE goals and desires.
  • Finally, the day will include networking with the superintendent, the cabinet team, and other district level departments.
  • Lead Learner (Facilitator): Ian Wells | Erin McDonald | John Gutierrez | Kristin Drury | Dan McMinimee
  • Credit(s) and Type: 8 Hours Relicensure


Target Audience

  • New administrators to our district and New leaders in new roles within our district (i.e AP to Principal, Teacher to Admin, etc.)


Meeting Information


Course Outcomes

Here are the outcomes for the course:

  • Leadership Impact across regions/district
  • Each individual's leadership journey and the forecasted leadership impact each leader will have in their new role in their building
  • Introduction to some of the nuts and bolts of DCSD that are imperative for every new leader to know
  • Overview of the direction of DCSD and focus on academic excellence.
  • Networking with our Superintendent and Cabinet members.