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Raising Humans in a Digital World: Book Study

Ended Nov 25, 2020

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Full course description

Course Description


You will need to purchase the Raising Humans in a Digital World book by Diana Graber.

The book may be purchased at Amazon (Links to an external site.) or borrow free on Hoopla.


Raising Humans in Digital World  is packed with at-home/school discussion topics and enjoyable activities that any person living/working with young people can slip into their daily routine. Full of practical tips grounded in academic research and hands-on experience, today’s parents/school staff finally have what they’ve been waiting for—a guide to raising digital kids who will become the positive and successful leaders our world desperately needs.

Participants will:

  • Read Raising Humans in a Digital World by Diana Graber.
  •  Discuss new enlightenment with other participants through an online community discussions  
  • Engage in real life activities they can do with students, children, or try out themselves
  • Connect and Reflect on other's perspectives

Summative: There will be several informal questions asked throughout the course. The book has several real life examples that can be used right away. There is an end of book survey. 


Target Audience

  • Admin/Pro-tech
  • Certified Staff
  • Classified Staff
  • DCSD Certified Substitute Teacher
  • DCSD Student Teacher


Timeline Overview

In addition to the information shared in the modules, please note the following important dates:

  • Beginning of course: September 8, 2020
  • Here is a list of the weeks and chapters. Questions are posted the Friday prior to the week it is due so you have time to read the chapter, post your answer and give enough time for people to respond by the due date (Thursday of each week).
    The dates listed below are the Mondays of the week of discussion just to give you a time reference.
    Week 1 (Sept 7): Prior to Reading
    Week 2 (Sept 14): Introduction Chapter Pg xi-xxxiii
    Week 3 (Sept 21): Chapter 1 Pg 3-22
    Week 4 (Sept 28): Chapter 2 Pg 23-48
    Week 5 (Oct 5): Chapter 3 Pg 49--68
    Week 6 (Oct 12): Chapter 4 Pg 69-94
    Week 7 (Oct 19): Chapter 5 Pg 95-124
    Week 8 (Oct 26): Chapter 6 Pg 125-148
    Week 9 (Nov 2): Chapter 7 Pg 149-166
    Week 10 (Nov 9): Chapter 8 Pg 166-180
    Week 11(Nov 16): Epilogue and End of book review Pg 181-184
  • Complete course survey and evaluation by November 23, 2020  


Course Outcomes

After this book study, participants will be able to help young people:

  • develop social-emotional skills.
  • balance virtual and real life.
  • build safe and healthy relationships.
  • avoid cyberbullies and online predators.
  • protect personal information.
  • identify and avoiding fake news and questionable content.
  • become positive role models and leaders.